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Saori Weaving
by Ellen Finan

As it is - Asymmetrical - Simple - Unfolding - Authentic - Heartfelt
The stillness of perception in a world of motion

Weaving Without Intention

Saori is often considered the zen meditation of the weaving world. While weaving can be considered meditative by many, Saori weaving focuses on the moment and going with that intuition or inner self. It is expressive, immediate, spontaneous and energetic. Ori translates to weaving in Japanese while sa means self. Thus, Saori means to weave oneself, tapping into one’s inner spirit.

I have been Saori weaving for twelve years as part of the SAORI Worcester community. I invite you to be part of a new community in Desert Hot Springs.

What Our Fantastic Students Say

“Ellen’s workshop was an amazing opportunity to learn Saori weaving in a beautiful setting. Ellen is both a talented artist and an exceptional teacher — her passion for Saori and her warm personality made it a wonderful experience.”
“For a perfectionist like me it's hard to get rid of fixed ideas about what weaving should be. Ellen is a talented and patient teacher who really helped me accept the "there are no mistakes" philosophy of Saori weaving. It is very liberating to just weave while learning to express an individual creativity that I didn’t even know I had. I can’t wait to continue the growth with more classes!”
“Ellen Finan has been a dear friend since grade school. When my husband and I visited her lovely home in Desert Hot Springs last year, she introduced us to SAORI weaving. It was a wonderfully fulfilling experience! After choosing from her sumptuous yarn collection, we took turns weaving until a gorgeous table runner was created. Ellen is a great teacher. She gave us encouragement and freedom.”

How do I get started?

NOTICE: All classes are suspended due to Covid19 until 2021

Weaving workshops are held in my studio in Desert Hot Springs. Four different styles of Saori looms are available to use; all looms were designed by Kenzo Jo of Osaka, Japan.

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Weaving My Memories

This three hour session offers a Saori loom with a pre-warped black warp for you to weave your memories. A large assortment of treasures (yarns, sari silk, wool roving) as well as cone yarn are available for you. Basic instruction on weaving. You will produce a wall hanging of approximately 2-3 feet depending on the complexity of your weaving.  All materials are included.  This class is suitable for people who are experimenting with Saori for the first time.

Zen Day

You are free to explore Saori weaving without guided instruction for a day in the garden or inside the studio. You are provided a prewarped loom and access to the yarns in the studio for 6 hours.  This class is suitable for people who have woven previously or who come from afar.

Surface Design Classes

 to be offered in Fall 2021

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We do not teach, we develop individual creativity.

- Misao Jo, Saori Founder